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Welcome to High stresser. the most powerful IP stresser service on the market. Powerful, super simple design. layer 4 and layer 7 bypass methods and knowledgeable 24/7 staff.


Little About Us

Welcome to High Stresser, the world's most powerful IP Stresser service. The powerful layer 4 and layer 7 bypass methods. Stop using free utilities and try the real power.

Use it anytime.

High Stresser can work 24/7 for all users. You can use high stresser in a browser, on a phone, even on a game console or any application with a browser.

Fully anonymised system

High Stresser does not keep any user logs. No attack logs are keep in the database, all attacks are done using spoofing. So all attacks are anonymous.

Powerful, Developers!

High Stresser makes all layer 4 and layer 7 and even layer 3 bypass methods by its own developers team. This is how we become so powerful and unstoppable

Limitless Request

High Stresser performs daily api maintenance to keep all users running smoothly. this maintenance happens automatically every day, unlimited power, unlimited attack.

Secure payments

High Stresser only accepts coins as a payment method. In this way, all our members can send payments in an anonymous and easy way.

Fully Automatic System

High Stresser works in a fully automated way. all members can automatically sent attacks, tickets, payment or other actions on a 24/7 basis.


What is IP Stresser?

IP Stresser is also known as ip booter. ip stresser system allows ddos attacks and this service is provided online. ip stresser service is also used to test how durable a server is, this is called a legal service. Of course, illegal ddos attacks are also called ip stresser. but the ip stresser system is preferred for illegal use. this process is prohibited in many countries, but not in some countries

How Does IP Booter Work?

IP Stresser or IP Booter works in an easy way. With ip stresser, it organises intense ddos attacks on a website, applications or anything connected to the internet. For this reason, rental systems have emerged because everyone can do it easily, and rental systems are becoming more professional with each passing day. The rental price varies according to the type of attack, power and method. The only thing you need to do after the rental process is to specify the target ip address or the address of the website. this service starts after payment is made. after specifying the ip address or website, the ddos attack starts so that the applications do not open or work. this is how the ip stresser works.


What is IP Booter ?

IP Booter or IP Stresser has a simple operation. With IP Booter you can down or not work a website or an application. This process is a ddos attack, but it is known as IP Booter. you can test or rent this system for free. This system is widely used today and works in an easy way. If you rent the IP Booter service, you can of course make a more powerful attack. So far I have always told you about illegal operations. But the IP Booter service is also used legally. In order to understand how much a site or a server is protected against a ddos attack, a ddos attack is organised on the target server, which is legally called IP Booter. this service is prohibited in some countries but not in some countries.

Where Is IP Stresser Used?

Using the IP Stresser service is really simple. In this way, ddos attacks are made on almost every device with internet connection today. You can make ddos attacks on these devices by purchasing or testing ip stresser systems. Since ip stresser systems are developing at a professional level day by day, it is now possible to give only the target address and perform the attack by pressing a key. ddos attacks are carried out by bypassing firewalls with layer 4 or layer 7 bypass methods.


What is Free Stresser?

Free versions of services known as IP Stresser or IP Booter are referred to as "Free Stresser". This free stresser system allows you to make a ddos attack on a server or device, of course, since it is free, values such as power and time are not much. That's why people rent these systems and demand more power and more time. With the rental membership systems they demand, they do ddos protection testing of their own servers or use this power illegally. Illegal ddos attacks are prohibited in many countries, but there are countries that are not prohibited. After registering for ip stresser or ip booter service, you request a test version and perform these operations with the version you request.


What are the prices of IP Stresser?

Welcome the High Stresser. Here are our IP Stresser / IP Booter service prices and features! these prices are our most preferred rental rates.


Perfect plan to get started

$0 /month
$0 /year

A free plan grants you access to some cool features of Spend.In.



Perfect plan for professionals!

$12 /month
$29 /year

For professional only! Start arranging your expenses with our best.


Best suits for great company!

$33 /month
$89 /year

If you a finance manager at big company, this plan is a perfect match.


Most frequently asked questions about IP Stresser / Booter

Here High Stresser, we answer the most frequently asked questions about IP Stresser / IP Booter for you!

IP Stresser is also known as ip booter. These systems are usually paid with bitcoin or other coin payment methods. Firstly, make sure that you pay the ip stresser system correctly. If you have made a correct payment, when your coin payment is verified, your membership system that you usually buy or rent is automatically defined in your account. In this way, you can benefit from the stresser test service.

In these systems, known as IP Stresser or ip booter, you need to buy on hire or through membership systems. in these paid systems, membership systems have a VIP Status. if you have a rental stresser or booter service, then I should tell you what the VIP System is. VIP is a membership system that allows you to apply a more powerful stresser test to your target address as an extra.

There is a feature called concurrents in rental membership systems known as ip stresser or ip booter. This feature is a factor that determines how many stresser test attacks you can do at the same time.

IP Stresser is also known as ip booter. Since these systems offer more and more professional service day by day, it is not that difficult to register. You can choose high stresser, which offers stresser service to register. All you have to do to register is to click register and fill out the form that comes in front of you. In this form, you are asked for data such as email address, password, username. This data is completely encrypted with encryption systems such as base64 and sha1. In this way, you can easily register for the stresser service.

IP Stresser is also known as ip booter. these systems are divided into two as rental and free. Attack time is the effect that determines how much ddos attack you will make on your target address. free systems usually have very little attack time. That's why people today buy rental ip stresser or ip booter service.

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